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Webinar Recording: Making the transition from TM1 to Anaplan

In 2016, we chose to move our business strategy away from Cognos Enterprise Planning, TM1 and Planning Analytics to focus entirely on the Anaplan platform. A decision we’ve never looked back on. Our upcoming webinar is for those of you who are currently operating within an unsupported TM1 environment and wondering where to go next. 

During the webinar, we shared our own transitional story from TM1 to Anaplan and how that can be achieved within any business. We highlight some of the similarities between Anaplan and TM1, and of course the core differences between both products, the reasons behind our decision to focus entirely on Anaplan over the upgrade paths from TM1 and how we cross skilled our teams.  

The webinar recording covers:

  • Thought leadership: CEO, Cathal Doyle on why we chose to transition to Anaplan;

  • Compares modelling constructs in Anaplan from TM1;

  • The many business benefits of Anaplan;

  • The learning curve to Anaplan & core model principles ;

  • Transition methodology & what to watch out for;

  • Live demonstration of Anaplan for FP&A.

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