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Optimising your Supply and Demand Planning Processes

Join us for this 40-minute webinar to hear why companies are choosing Anaplan to integrate their supply chain and demand planning in one solution to avoid a disconnected, siloed and flawed process.


Supply chain leaders need to be able to quickly realign supply, inventory and demand plans to deal with unexpected disruptions in the marketplace. The Anaplan platform enables you to optimise your supply and demand planning process and connect your entire supply chain network.


The webinar will highlight the following;


  • How to manage your business in one easy-to-use, comprehensive planning environment across the supply chain


  • How to quickly adjust supply chain planning models to match changing business needs


  • How to incorporate statistical forecasting methods to demand planning


  • How to plan demand at both a high level and by individual customer or product


  • How to rapidly model different scenarios on the fly to compare outcomes

To join us click on the link below to register your space.

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