Webinar - 5 tips for retail planning success

19th September 14:00 BST

5 tips for retail planning success

To balance a positive customer experience and inventory levels, whilst anticipating the needs of the customer, retailers must implement a unified approach to product, cross-channel and customer strategy.

This webinar will show you how to align supply and demand to create a next-level merchandising plan and connect this up with your finance function to see a single version of the truth in real-time.

The Anaplan Platform delivers a single cloud-based environment that can help retailers accurately plan, optimise and respond to customer demand whilst seamlessly aligning across the business to meet overall retail planning objectives.

Your host:


Andrew Chubb is a qualified accountant with 15 years’ experience working in medium and large size organisations, implementing solutions that streamlined/improved key business activities such as quote-to-collect, the financial close, planning and forecasting.


Now a Pre-Sales Consultant with Bedford Consulting, Andrew helps organisations understand how they can leverage the capabilities of Anaplan, the leading planning and performance management platform, to address corporate, financial and operational requirements in various business functions.

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