Make informed decisions and manage uncertainties with Anaplan Predictive Insights

3rd June 14:00 BST

Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning technology gives sales leaders the ability to analyse accounts based on AI-enriched insights, including company growth trends, business partnerships, hiring trends, technographics, and buyer intent. These predictive insights help businesses optimise their sales team’s performance and prioritise accounts with the greatest propensity to buy.


Join our upcoming webinar on 3rd June where we will show a detailed demo of Anaplan Predictive Insights and highlight some of the many benefits including the ability to;



  • Make faster, data-driven decisions using thousands of AI-enriched insights across enterprises worldwide

  • Increase revenues and reduce costs with customised, flexible, and predictive modelling capabilities

  • Focus and invest tactical resources and efforts on the right opportunities to drive strategic business growth

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