Connected Planning Webinar WIX

Gartner projects that by 2024, 70% of businesses will be planning with extended planning and analysis – Connected Planning*.


Would you like to align your data and plans across various business functions to achieve a more agile way of making decisions? Here at Bedford, we are helping businesses like yours to intelligently scenario plan and forecast enabling faster decision making. 


Anaplan is a true digital platform, and a key enabler to digital transformation, it's built for the business user, highly collaborative, and replaces your offline processes with a single, cloud-based instance that houses your planning models.  It's not uncommon for customers to move their processes to Anaplan and achieve an 80% cycle time improvement. That's four-fifths of the time given back to the business to manage exceptions or drive higher-value activities.


During this webinar, we will highlight a number of key business functional areas such as P&L, balance sheet and cash flow within finance, workforce planning within HR and demand planning and sales forecasting within supply chain. We will show you how you can plan in various functions and utilise Anaplan to link these plans enabling greater transparency and collaboration across the entire business.


Who should join?


If you have an IT or digital transformation role this webinar will be for you however we will also be showing dashboards relevant to finance, sales, supply chain and HR.


When is it?


This 45-minute webinar will take place on Wednesday 10th February at 14:00 GMT.


Register today to join us for the live webinar, alternatively, if you sign up and cannot watch live, we can send you the link to the recording.

*Taken from Gartner's 2020 Strategic Roadmap for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions

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