With Anaplan’s modern, sleek user interface (UI), business users can update plans quickly, visualise changes immediately, and make decisions confidently. Visually impactful, highly customised views and reports provide users with insightful planning and analysis for every business unit throughout the enterprise.

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Anaplan’s User Experience (UX) is evolving. With a laser focus on the customer journey, the UX is designed to make users’ lives easier by helping their business to run more smoothly and catering to better planning and decision making.

How can Bedford help:

Hopefully, it’s no secret that the UX is currently available in the platform. With upcoming features being added regularly, Anaplan’s look, feel, and functionality will continually be enhanced.

At Bedford Consulting we believe that all our customers should be making full use of the UX and using it to its fullest extent, as such we have developed a service offering to suit your business needs.

Our service offering

  • Supported migration of persona to The UX

    • Bedford will assist with the migration of a persona, be that a super user, an analyst within a business function or an executive-level report consumer, from Anaplan Dashboards onto The UX platform. This work will be carried out by one of our experienced consultants who have implemented multiple projects for our Anaplan Customer base and will be equipped with the experiences on how best to design your user journeys on the new user interface.

  • Training of admin to support the wider roll-out

    • A high-performance cars peak performance is limited by the capabilities of its driver – Anaplan is no different. At Bedford Consulting we strongly believe that all of our customers should be continually pushing the boundaries of how they plan, not just at the point at which we are engaged. Our experienced Academy team will be on hand to train up your internal resources who will be able to take the platform to new heights within your organisation once they have the skillset to do so.

  • Arrangement of multi-device capability

    • Multi-device accessibility within Anaplan simplifies planning from desktop to tablet to mobile; being experts in this field our team has the knowledge to develop you a suite of connected solutions that speak to each other across the web, tablet and mobile devices within native apps.


There are too many to list here but below are some of our favourites;


  • Navigation – Improved ease and guidance of the end-user to exactly where they need to be

  • Data in one place – The UX enables you to have multiple models in one App, allowing you to easily navigate between dashboards/pages from different models

  • Multi-Device – The mobile/tablet app provides a personalised intuitive experience. Helping to accelerate decision making and facilitate collaboration across the enterprise

  • Speed – Faster user adoption due to the intuitive experience

  • KPI’s – improved reporting through Boards

  • Validation – This built-in functionality ensures the correct data is captured in the right areas

  • Format – Enhanced conditional formatting options along with consistent feel regardless of screen size

  • Lists – improved management of lists with the ability to add directly from a dashboard

  • Ready to go – references your existing modules and setup, you can start building in The UX today!

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Why Bedford?

  • UX Migration Experts

    • Put simply we know what we are doing and have already completed multiple successful migrations from Anaplan dashboard-based user experiences onto The UX.

  • On-Going post-migration support

    • Once your business has finally landed on The UX and has celebrated the launch of your first App to your user base, you will invariably be challenged by end-users and also challenging yourselves. Recognising this, we will always be on hand and available to support our customers and ensure your models and applications are in as healthy a state as they can be.

  • 300+ projects delivered in The Anaplan Way

    • We have a wealth and depth of internal knowledge and experience that is unmatched within the industry, that fact is undebatable. With that comes the security that delivering projects in The Anaplan Way works and has the track record of success to back up those claims. We insist that all our projects are delivered to this methodology, there simply is no better way.