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Bedford Consulting Organisational Resili

Still using spreadsheets or legacy systems?

Why they hang around and when to upgrade.

The pandemic has forced many organisations to rethink their product, business and operating models. Organisations are always facing disruption, whether social, economic or geopolitical and companies able to make rapid adjustments when faced with a crisis - and enhance their resilience - will outperform the competition.

So, if you’re still using spreadsheets for scenario planning and forecasting. Don’t.

Resilient organisations increase the speed of their decision-making, improving productivity, and use technology and data in new ways to flex, pivot and emerge stronger from disruption.


This two-pager looks at why spreadsheets and legacy systems hang around within a business and when it is time to upgrade.

Bedford Consulting Dont Use Spreadsheets

88% of all spreadsheets have errors in them

Analytics needs to be at the heart of your business

Old systems can require 70-80% of an IT budget to maintain

Just provide us with a couple of details, and you can download the document.
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