Anaplan for Supply Chain: a single, connected platform

Empowering value-based decision-making in supply chain management

Far too often, supply chain management leaders make decisions in a data vacuum. But that doesn’t work in today’s fast-paced market. Supply chain leaders need to make timely, value-based decisions so they can respond quickly to shifts in demand and customer needs. When value is king, margins are optimised and profit is maximised.

Anaplan for Supply Chain takes a holistic approach to supply chain management enabling real-time visibility across the network, creating the ability to sense and drive demand, and facilitating a dynamic, collaborative S&OP process. Forecasts improve. Information walls are broken down. Connections are built. And achieving business goals becomes the rule instead of the exception.

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Reaction time cut from 5 days to 5 minutes

"It used to take us five days to react to demand changes, Now, with Anaplan it takes us less than five minutes to come up with the necessary adjustments in production.."

Supply Chain Planning Manager, Del Monte



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