Anaplan for Sales: a single, connected platform

Empower your go-to-market strategy with an optimised sales performance management solution

In a competitive market, sales leaders move their companies ahead by innovating the ways they sell. By leveraging their knowledge and experience to develop new strategies for selling, forward-thinking sales leaders can create powerful and innovative go-to-market strategies that give their companies tremendous competitive advantages both now and in the future.

Anaplan for Sales is built to empower your go-to-market strategy, giving you a single platform for managing your sales organisation top to bottom. With dynamic insight into your entire organisation, you can anticipate market changes and act accordingly. Motivate the right sales behaviours, model future performance, and maximise selling time, all while keeping your organisation connected, flexible and prepared for the future.

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70 %

reduction in time spent target-setting

"We’ve estimated a 70% reduction in time spent target-setting. This has freed up our field sales managers to spend more time with their sales teams and their customers."

Global Sales Development Manager, Amer Sports



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Amer Sports



Empower your go-to-market strategy



Connecting your incentive compensation and territory planning