Anaplan for HR: a single, connected platform

Align workforce planning with corporate goals and operational tactics to plan for future success

To meet your company’s goals, human resources and business leaders have to collaboratively identify, recruit, develop, and retain the top talent for the job. But aligning workforce management with shifting skillset requirements while juggling spreadsheets, legacy tools, and point solutions is challenging.


With Anaplan for Workforce, HR, finance, and operational business plans are seamlessly connected to optimise workforce management and headcount planning strategies that quickly adapt to changing business conditions. Anaplan’s cloud-based platform joins together operational and tactical plans with long-term talent requirements, helping you plan for the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.


optimisation of headcount from more efficient workforce management


reduction in time spent by IT, when updating existing models


months breakeven

Use Cases


Compensation Management


Succession Planning


Workforce Capacity Planning