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Meet our Team - Will

Welcome to our latest meet the team blog. Today we introduce Will Ridge who joined Bedford in 2017. Will is a Pod Leader in our UKI Customer Success Team and is passionate about model building. 1. What made you consider joining Bedford? 

The main consideration for joining Bedford was that I wanted to do more Anaplan model building! I’d seen how good Bedford were at delivering an Anaplan model and the attitude of the people involved, so I knew it was also going to be an opportunity to work with those people.

2. What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of the growth of the team and that Bedford has won Partner of the year 6 years in a row.

3. What’s your favourite part of working at Bedford? 

My favourite part of working at Bedford is that I can help others on a daily basis, whether that is through:

  • Helping clients to improve their processes and enabling them to spend more time focusing on decisions instead of gathering data and consolidating reports.

  • Helping other model builders with their queries.

4. Describe Bedford in 3 words If I had to describe Bedford in 3 words, they would be Teamwork, Quality and Growth. Teamwork within Bedford and with clients, quality because everyone is focused on doing the best work possible, and growth because everyone has the ability to grow their skills and the company is constantly growing.

5. What’s the company like? How would you describe the team culture? 

I would describe the team culture as collaborative, supportive and growth orientated. A lot of people have a desire to learn and to develop their skills, and a lot of the senior leadership team have been in the delivery roles so know what challenges the team face.

6. How would you describe a typical day?

There’s no such thing as a typical day! It depends on the phase and type of the project. The variety and constant opportunity to learn is a major benefit of the job. 7. What’s the most important skill that someone will need to succeed as a consultant?

An aptitude for analysis and problem-solving skills are important but the most important skill or quality that someone needs in order to do well in a consulting role is a focus on customer service and personal integrity. You need to be able to have honest conversations with clients, to take responsibility for meeting the deadlines and delivering the project.

8. What have you learned in the last six months? 

In the last 6 months, from a technical side, I’ve learned some new options for building solutions, as well as keeping on top of the changes to the Anaplan product. On the project delivery side of things, one of the main areas has been the importance of getting all the detail/specificity of requirements. I always knew this was important but there has been one project which has highlighted how important it is to have all the requirements listed.

9. Why do you stay at Bedford? 

I stay at Bedford because of the people at Bedford. They give me opportunities to learn and grow, autonomy and purpose in my role, and opportunities to help others.

10. What is the biggest challenge that someone in this position would face?

Not the technical issues as there is plenty of support. Dealing with requirements changing and knowing how to manage the conversations.

To hear more from Will, watch his video and stay tuned for the next blog in our meet the team series.

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