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Meet our team - Karolina

Welcome to our meet the team blog series. First up we have Karolina Puczynska who joined Bedford in 2019. Karolina is one of our Pod Leaders and is passionate about supporting our customers.

1. What made you consider joining Bedford?

What made me consider joining Bedford was the variety of projects and clients, as well as the company size. Previously, I worked in a finance function of a large organisation, where after a couple of years work was getting monotonous and I felt like I needed a change. Working for a smaller sized organisation means being proactive is rewarded and each month on the job can be completely different to the previous one.

2. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud when we make our clients’ lives easier by introducing them to Anaplan. Having come from a finance background, I still remember how difficult MS Excel modelling could get with, yet another file marked as ‘version: final’. When we see clients getting excited about Anaplan’s capabilities, that is when we can feel most proud of our work.

3. What’s your favourite part of working at Bedford?

My favourite part of working at Bedford is the people that work here. We are a fast-growing team, where we all support each other and can learn from each other since we all come from different places. Each day you interact with the team, you can learn something new.

4. Describe Bedford in 3 words

3 words to describe Bedford are people, excellence, and innovation.

5. What’s the company like? How would you describe the team culture?

I would describe Bedford as a company that is the best at what we do in our industry. We are growing fast and yet keeping people at the centre of that growth. The team culture is relaxed and supportive, so even when you are on a project by yourself, there is always plenty of support happening behind the scenes.

6. How would you describe a typical day?

I would describe a typical day at Bedford as starting with a project stand up with the team in the morning, making plans for the days’ work. Then doing some model building, reviewing the hardest items with the team to find the best solution. In the afternoon we will present the sprint review to the client and gather their feedback on the progress made.

7. What did you wish you knew before joining?

What I wish I knew before joining is that travelling for work is not always as glamorous as it seems! However, at Bedford we do aim to keep a healthy balance between travel and working from home and our local office.

8. What’s the most important skill that someone will need to succeed as a consultant?

The most important skill that someone will need to succeed as a consultant is being open-minded. This means being open to learning new skills, seizing new opportunities, meeting new people. There is no room for a fixed mindset in such a fast-growing industry!

9. What have you learned in the last six months?

In the last six months, I have learned the difference between working as a model builder versus a solution architect. I have transitioned into the latter role and learning something new with every project. At Bedford, there is also an opportunity to grow personally with various training opportunities. This means I have been able to learn Italian.

10. Why do you stay at Bedford?

I stay at Bedford because I feel like I am part of this great team and I learn a lot from every single project. I think the key to enjoying your work is the opportunity for personal development and this is what Bedford gives me.

11. What is the biggest challenge that someone in this position would face?

The biggest challenge that someone in my position will face is time management. You may sometimes be part of a couple of project teams simultaneously so it is crucial to plan your work but also to remember that those plans can change rapidly!

Stay tuned for the next blog in our meet the team series. We are hiring, if you are interested in hearing more about our open roles, please visit our careers page.

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