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Bedford acquires Innovar's Anaplan Practice

Friday 15th June 2018

Bedford Consulting, the largest solely focused Anaplan Partner in the UK has today announced the acquisition of Innovar’s Anaplan practice.

Bedford, founded in 2008 was recently awarded as Anaplan’s EMEA Partner of the Year, recognised for continuing to drive successful adoption, expansion and return on investment for customers. The acquisition of Innovar’s Anaplan practice will strengthen the already extensive customer portfolio that Bedford has built since the adoption of Anaplan as its key enabler for Connected Planning across Europe. In the current uncertain economic times, organisations need to be able to model their business in a connected, collaborative and responsive way and be empowered to make quick decisions based on available scenarios in real-time. Bedford and Anaplan are satisfying the growing need for SaaS based modelling platforms to crunch large data volumes with complex business logic in rapid time to give executives real insight into where their business is heading and what decisions they need to take.

“We are delighted to add the Innovar Anaplan practice to our existing portfolio here at Bedford.” explains Neil Doyle, CEO of Bedford Consulting. “Innovar is one of the earliest and most well respected Anaplan UK partners and over the past years has enabled connected planning for many across the UK. We are proud that Innovar has trusted Bedford to continue this work and this speaks volumes for the reputation we hold in the industry. We are focused on continuing to build our team both in the UK and across Europe, this acquisition continues on our triple digit growth of the last 12 months and should further cement our role as Anaplan’s key European partner.”

About Bedford Consulting

Bedford Consulting is an Anaplan focused reseller and services provider. Bedford was awarded the 2018 Anaplan Partner of the Year for EMEA, specialising in project implementation, software sales and Connected Planning. Founded in 2008, Bedford has been at the forefront of business analytics technology for the last 10 years and is now committed to the Anaplan platform. From its headquarters in London, Bedford offers a European wide solution for Anaplan customers across multiple use cases including Financial Planning and Analysis, Sales and Operations Planning, Workforce Planning and Financial Consolidation.

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