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Anaplan Release: New Product Enhancements 10th March 2018

There was great excitement amongst our Anaplan customer base this month as we saw some eagerly awaited enhancements hit the platform in the latest Product Release, not least of which Time Ranges & Quick Sum Bar, but we also saw new Dashboard Quick Access Toolbar, Launchpad Performance Improvements, additions to Users List functionality and much more.

Anaplan has also teamed up with Gurobi, the vendor behind the highest performing optimisation engine in the market in order to release their Optimization UI, which enables businesses to solve for optimal or feasible problems, i.e. maximise goals and/or minimise costs. The Optimizer is a premium option, so will only be available on request to existing customers and will have a commercial tag. We will explore this new feature in more detail in a subsequent article.

Here is a quick look at what’s new:

Time Ranges

Otherwise known as ‘Time Subsets’, these can be a valuable tool in reducing model sparsity as we now have the ability to select a specific Time Range per module. A time range is a user-defined, contiguous range of time periods that can be applied to any module or line item to restrict the range of periods into which data can be entered. Time ranges can help you create custom views, showing only the data users need to see and you can keep historical data in context without adding to the size of the model when a new year is added; each year of data can be retained in a separate time range.

Workspace administrators can configure time ranges in the new Time Ranges tab in Model Settings > Time. When in the Blueprint of any Module you can define what Time Range is appropriate for that specific Line Item or Module.

There are some very useful articles available via Anapedia Community for any existing Anaplan customers who wish to explore Time Ranges best practices further:

· Time Range Application

· Introduction to Time Ranges course

· Time Ranges Anapedia article

Quick Sum Bar

In a module or dashboard grid, when data is selected, simple automatic calculations are displayed in the Quick Sum Bar at the bottom of the screen. The calculations displayed are Count, Min, Max, Average, and Sum values and operate on number-formatted cells only.

  • Count: the number of cells selected

  • Min: the lowest value selected

  • Max: the highest value selected

  • Average: the average of all the values selected

  • Sum: the total of all values selected

The Quick Sum Bar is shown by default but can be hidden by selecting Hide Quick Sum Bar from the ? menu in the global navigation bar. When it’s hidden, the option Show Quick Sum Bar is displayed.

Dashboard Quick Access Toolbar

It is now even easier to identify the filter, search and maximise functions on a dashboard using the new Quick Access Toolbar available at the top right of a dashboard element. Filter shows instantly whether filters are active or broken; search minimises the number of clicks required to search the contents of a grid (you can also improve efficiency further by using the shortcut key Ctrl-Shift-S to search the grid in focus); and maximise enables users to expand and isolate the grid they are working on in a dashboard.

Note: With the introduction of the quick access toolbar, the search option has been removed from the right-click context menu. Users can now search a grid using the new toolbar, the short cut keys, Ctrl-Shift-S or Cmd-Shift-S as well as through the existing mechanism in the blue-dot menu at the grid and column level.

The Quick Access toolbar is enabled for all newly-published dashboard grids. To ensure there are no inadvertent layout changes to existing dashboards, the toolbar is disabled by default.

User List - Warning Message when Removing a User's Model Access

A warning message now appears if you set a user's role to No Access. This alerts you that line item data associated with the user will be deleted from every module that has the users list as a dimension.

Other enhancements in brief

  • Launchpad Performance Improvements: Anaplan has improved the performance when searching for and loading models in launchpad. Now, archived models are not retrieved, only active models, making it much faster when loading a model or performing a search.

  • Change to My Account: Tickets Tab Removed: Following recent improvements to the support processes, the Ticket tab has been removed from My Account. You can still manage your profile and any certificates required for API authentication via the remaining tabs.

  • Change to Email Opt-in for New Users: New users are now required to opt-in to receive email communications from Anaplan when setting their Anaplan password for the first time. Previously, the email opt-in check box was selected by default and users had to take action to opt-out.

  • An Encryption Admin can Assign other Encryption Admins: Encryption admins now have the ability to assign another encryption admin to their tenant. Previously, encryption admins were assigned by Anaplan. With this change, only the initial encryption admin will be assigned by Anaplan once BYOK has been enabled for a customer's tenant. Encryption admins can now use access control to assign another encryption admin from a list of eligible users.

The Anaplan Platform is updated regularly to ensure that users get the very latest features and fixes, and that the platform remains secure. To make sure you're notified when the platform will be updated, subscribe to the Anaplan Community Platform Releases Blog.

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