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Looking Under the Bonnet of the Latest Anaplan Release

Anaplan Release: New Product Enhancements 9th December 2017

Christmas came a little early this year at Anaplan and Bedford as we saw some neat new features released earlier this month, including enhancements in Dashboards & Visualisation, User Lists, Application Lifecycle Management, Modelling, Property Imports in History, Private and Default Import and Export Files and more.

Here is a quick look at what’s new;

Dashboard Toolbar

Navigation of dashboards by either administrators or end users has become that bit slicker as we can now make selections via the new toolbar menu rather than drilling into the legacy ‘hamburger’ icon. In particular, a single click refresh button will aid with dropdown filtering.

An administrator can now preview their dashboard with the Design/Preview toggle switch allowing a quicker edit time for dashboard updates.

Design Preview Toggle

If multiple administrators are working on the same dashboard, and changes are saved, a new message will be displayed to all other administrators and users that states a new version of the dashboard is available.

Resizing buttons on a dashboard

Administrators now have the ability to resize Action buttons to improve dashboard alignment. Once published, Action buttons will be allocated an Auto width basis but they can now be customised and given a specific Custom pixel width.

Style Buttons

It is now also possible to change the look of a button on a dashboard by selecting from the new style options of Primary, Default or Link.

List Filters

A user can now filter a list formatted line item in a module with greater ease and less click throughs using the new ‘List Filter’ option.

User List

When creating a new module or changing the ‘Applies To’ of an existing module you can now select a User List which is dynamically updated from the User tab.

This will aid with user specific filters (e.g. if you wish to add a control filter to a dashboard in order to show/hide certain time periods) which typically would have been static for all users. By incorporating the new User List these filters can be dynamically updated by each user of the platform. Previously we may have achieved this via a fake user list which tried to replicate the User tab, but in that case the list would not be updated dynamically.

Save History Exports

Just like with standard data exports, a History export can now be saved to the Action list and subsequently published to a dashboard for recurring use.

While the "Export from Model History" Action cannot be edited, you can override it by saving another model history export with the same name.

Other new enhancements in brief;

  • Disable Open Source Module for published line items: Hide complexity from end users by disabling the open source module option for published line items with the new Open Source Module enable/disable checkbox.

  • Waterfall charts and dynamic chart selection: Waterfall charts will now include dynamic data selection to reflect your latest data.

  • Show All option disabled for dropdown lists configured with Selective Access: The Show All option from within filtered pick lists can now be removed by unchecking Allow access to unfiltered items.

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - Compare Revisions in the Same Model: Using the new Compare button, model builders and workspace administrators may now track structural changes that are made between revisions within the same development model.

  • Property Imports in History: Previously, list properties have been imported as individual rows in History, which could potentially create thousands of entries (rows) when multiple properties were changed. Now, property changes are consolidated into two new entries, eliminating the excessive History entries.

  • Private and Default Import and Export Files: Administrators can further customize file imports and exports to ensure that the right users have access to the right files.

Performance Improvements

In this release, you'll notice improved performance in the following areas;

  • Filtering a module or a dashboard grid by multiple line items and time period values.

  • Importing large lists with many corresponding list properties. These imports now appear differently in the change history of a model.

The Anaplan Platform is updated regularly to ensure that users get the very latest features and fixes, and that the platform remains secure. To make sure you're notified when the platform will be updated, subscribe to the Anaplan Community Platform Releases Blog.

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