• Cathal Doyle

Hub ’16 London – in review

It seems a strange association but in so many ways the Anaplan Hub now reminds me a lot of Christmas day. The build-up commences months in advance, the preparation is meticulous, the anticipation is palpable and contagious throughout the entire Anaplan community and it has now become the perfect occasion to catch up with friendly faces not seen often enough during the year with the busyness of our day to day activities.

There are even gifts……referring of course to Bedford being awarded UKI Regional Partner of the Year 2016 but also to the Master Anaplanner awards, a new addition and nice touch to acknowledge the hard work and dedication applied out in the field. And when it’s all over and the dust starts to settle on the conference centre, there are always melancholic tones as we ponder on next year’s addition. It is undoubtedly the highlight of our year here at Bedford and I’m sure for many others!

There was a change of pace on stage this year as Anaplan CMO Grant Halloran and CFO James Budge kicked off the keynote in front of a force of 700+ attendees. For me, I always enjoy the financial aspects so enjoyed James’ piece around achieving cash flow break-even earlier this year way ahead of projections into ‘17 and how they’re looking to build on that in the coming quarters. No mean feat. James also spoke about their search in replacing outgoing CEO Fred Laluyaux, an ongoing process but one not to be rushed so watch this space.

We also heard from some truly fascinating client speakers on their journeys with Anaplan including Bacardi, RSA, BBC, Asda, Diageo, Aviva to name a few and special mention of thanks to Damian Scaccia, Head of Planning Engagement at Sky & Mark O’Mahony, Head of Finance at Carluccio’s, both friends of Bedford who spoke glowingly about the product and partner collaboration. Our MD, Neil Doyle also managed to sneak onstage to mediate the first breakout session of the afternoon. Best not tell him that I missed that one but I do believe it was very well received nonetheless!

Given the array of preceding’s the highlight of every Hub for me remains hearing from Michael Gould, Founder & CTO at Anaplan, on the product roadmap and what’s to come from the development team in the year ahead. Michael & Simon Tucker (CCO) took to the stage as we looked at some of the key releases to come in ‘17, the highlights of which include strategic partnerships with Informatica & Tableau and the release of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Something we’re all looking forward to getting our hands on.

It’s hard to find continued superlatives, but undoubtedly this year’s London Hub was bigger and better than ever before. Great credit must go to Ian Stone, UKI Managing Director, Jayne Goodman, EMEA Marketing Director and the team down in Maidenhead for hosting an event on such a scale and with such a natural flow. We are delighted to be part of it all and already looking forward to Hub ’17.

Thank you Anaplan!

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