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Anaplan for Finance: Webinar Review

We have spoken extensively of late about the wide adoption of Anaplan within the many planning processes across the business, Supply Chain, IT, HR, Sales, Marketing & Operations, but during our latest webinar series here at Bedford we looked back on some of our core routes as we explored the endless benefits of Anaplan for Finance, and put traditional Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) back on display.

So why ‘Anaplan for Finance’?

It’s undeniable that the Spreadsheet is an incredibly flexible and easy to use modelling tool, and over the last 30 years has revolutionised how organisations do their planning, but over time we have organically outgrown the simple spreadsheet models and have looked to on-point solutions to try and tackle our planning needs. So what we have ended up with in the majority of cases is complex planning landscapes made up of standalone platforms which are then stitched together by the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet remains the ‘shadow’ planning tool (a 1980’s product). As a result, planning across the organisation today is complex, slow, and disconnected. Something which is ever present in the FP&A worlds we encounter day to day.

With Anaplan, you will no longer need this myriad of spreadsheets. Our approach is to a) take the ease of the spreadsheet b) the scalability of enterprise software and c) the connectivity of the cloud to allow you to plan flexibly and securely across your ever-changing business in real time and to continuously support the optimisation of your performance.

During our webinar we looked at some of the key modelling concepts that differentiates Anaplan for Finance; Flexibility to model any planning use case, Integrated P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows, Real-time model adjustments, Top Down target setting, Excel formula-like calculation definitions, Real-time hierarchy management, Real-time “what-if” scenario planning on plans and master data, Model change history, Data change history & auditability, Drill-Down capabilities (to transaction), Importing & exporting functionality, Immediate rendering of plan and model changes to all views, Fusion of planning, reporting and analytics, Interactive pivoting for planning and reporting, Single consistent business user-friendly UI, Model map visualization.

Anaplan’s hundreds of customers, some with thousands of Anaplan apps, are a testimony to the power and value of this ground-breaking platform that has freed them from countless spreadsheets and standalone planning applications. It simply makes all of our lives that much easier!!

If you missed our quick fire webinar series ‘Anaplan for Finance’ and want to catch the replay please contact or look out for our upcoming series scheduled for August.

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