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Our review of 2015

It is hard to believe that it's 12 months since I last sat down to write this piece in 2014, however nothing stands in the way of time and as another year passes I do always enjoy the opportunity to reflect on the year gone and look forward to yet another exciting one ahead.

2015 has been a year of change for me both personally and professionally. Personally, I undertook a renovation project on my house which unlike my work projects is of course delayed and over budget. And on top of that, like with any good renovation project our wonderful daughter Emily arrived into the middle of it 4 weeks early! We don’t do things the easy way in the Doyle household! Professionally, I have assumed the role of Managing Director of Bedford, which has brought its fair share of enjoyment but also placed increased responsibility on my shoulders and I'm looking forward to sharing that responsibility around key members of our team through 2016.

We’ve completed over 30 projects this year, which is significant for a firm of our size and we're already beginning efforts to make sure that number increases next year. Those projects span both the Anaplan and Cognos tool sets and have not been centred around any one sector or use case. We've seen projects ranging from traditional FP&A right through to S&OP and Workforce Planning and across sectors as diverse as water bottling and recruitment. This made for a really interesting year, giving our consultants wide ranging experience which equips us for our continued growth in 2016.

Our Cognos business this year became quite sustainment focused with a lot of our large customers requiring continued support to sustain their system over the long term. In 2016 I hope we can balance this with some more project focused work, but of course we're happy to fill the gaps wherever we're needed.

Our Anaplan business, given the nature of the product has naturally become the opposite of our Cognos business, with short project timelines being the order of the year. It has been fantastic to yet again see a year of continued development of the tool and also its continued hyper growth. We're riding the crest of that wave and with the introduction of Dominic Travis as UK Partner Manager we've been working ever more closely with the team at Anaplan. We were particularly delighted to have been awarded partner of the year for UK and Ireland in 2015 and Cathal and I are already plotting our retention of this title for 2016!

Being a consultancy business, the key to our success is our wonderful team. 2015 has been another year in which I have been blown away by the talent and commitment of our team, always being prepared to go that one step further to make sure we have many happy customers. I can't thank our team enough for their continued hard work and I do hope they all get a well deserved rest over the Christmas period.

So please take a moment to watch our yearly review video, it's great fun to shoot and no doubt we belong on the big screen. All that's left for me to do is to thank our customers, partners, employees, family and friends for their continued support through 2015 and to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a jubilant new year.

You can watch our review video here:

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