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Migrating from Cognos EP to TM1; Webinar Review

As an advocate of webinars I’ve always felt they are a great way of communicating a useful message in a controlled but interactive environment, a show and tell of sorts with Q&A elements allowing for a well-rehearsed strongly delivered message with minimal disruptions.

Last month I was tasked with presenting a webinar that would cover, in reasonable detail, the process of migrating your planning environment from IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning to Cognos TM1. Now, two weeks on from the initial webinar presentation, we can declare that it was a resounding success, we had a reasonable share of attendees and some great feedback on the event itself.

The webinar kicked off with a brief introduction to both tool sets I’d be discussing, quickly highlighting EP, its history, where it fits in the market and the main features. I then went on to outline TM1 in a bit more detail, discussing the technical benefits brought forward by its 64 bit architecture, new user functionality - such as client side sandboxing - and also brought attention to the excellent online community who actively share their knowledge and experiences with the product.

Next we looked at how TM1 could work for you and what really sets it apart from Enterprise Planning. The main focus of this part of the webinar was around the standout features of the product or the potential “big wins” to be gained from making the switch.

These include, but of course are not limited to…

  • A single server installation, so gone are those server farms

  • Seamless BI integration – TM1 as a direct data source for your reports

  • Turbo Integrator – TM1s self-contained ETL tool

  • In-memory architecture, meaning your data is available to everyone in real-time

I followed this with a quick bit on why migration is a sound option, the structure here was to outline some standard headaches we all experience with EP and then speak on how these are addressed in TM1. Immediate standouts would be cumbersome change management that is virtually eradicated in TM1, and an archaic calculation engine restricted by dimension in EP that is no longer a factor in TM1 as calculations are written at the cube level.

The last main topic I covered was your migration strategy, highlighting some best practice methods along with the cardinal do’s and don’ts of any migration. Methods to identify the successfulness of your migration were also discussed, while these indicators are generally individual to each client, I used some real world examples we have experienced first-hand at Bedford to communicate the point.

As we approached the hour I wrapped things up with a brief summary and quick Q&A session, all of which and more is available to view right now through our Webinar video series. So click the link below to view the full webinar and please leave us comments/feedback to help us bring you more valuable content down the line.

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