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Platform Health Assessment

Our Anaplan Platform Health Assessment has been designed on the recognition that our customers, like ourselves, are constantly evolving with change happening all around.  During these times it's important that your Anaplan platform is changing with the business but in the right way. Our Platform Health Assessment will forensically assess your Anaplan models, diagnose issues and recommend a course of actions to remedy this. 

Examples of areas where we will focus our review on are as follows;

  • Best practice not being followed

  • Inefficient and overly rigid design

  • Absence of new feature utilisation

  • Future Sustainability

  • Anaplan personnel

While we assist in identifying these risk areas, our real motivation is to ensure longer-term success for our customers by producing tangible outputs that enable our customers to make informed decisions.

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The key areas of focus for our health reviews are:

Application Health

Our application health check audit process can assess a multitude of Anaplan models to a forensic level of detail which allows us to produce a suite of health scores accompanied by a phased roll out of suggested actions and improvements.

Areas of focus include:

  • Current pain points & areas of focus

  • Redundancy & scale

  • Calculation Efficiency

  • Process improvement & usability

  • Auditability & Sustainability

Functionality Realisation

With Anaplan regularly receiving feature updates it’s inevitable that customers miss out on updates to the platform that address historic use case challengers or specific pain points within a model. We will work with you in realising the advances in the functionalities of the solution and how they can be implemented into your application.

Platform Health

We will also assess the non-technical elements that go with every Anaplan implementation and help to identify risk factors associated with:

  • Knowledge silos

  • User Training

  • Licence utilisation

  • Build methodologies

We will engage directly with the model owners and administrators within the organisation to get a direct understanding of the current state of the models from the users who live and breathe them on a daily basis.



  • Full model health review with health score broken out into key categories

  • Schedule of actions identified by our expert assessors to improve model health

  • Identification of redundancies

  • Short, medium and long-term health improvement strategies

  • Model usage reports

  • User report, assessment of abilities and learning path recommendation


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