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Level 3 Model Building
Level 3 Model Building - 3 days support

The Anaplan Level 3 training program consists of a project simulation that continues the Unicorn Candy Company’s connected planning journey built in Level 1 and Level 2 training. Throughout the project, attendees are tasked with assuming the roles of Solution Architect and Model Builder working with the customer. They will be responsible for translating the customers business processes into a model schema, designing the user experience interface and building the necessary model components to support the needs of the sales organisation.

You should not attempt Level 3 training without having

  • Level 1 Model Building and Level 2 Model Building course completion

  • A minimum of 12-18 months of Anaplan project experience

  • Proficiency in the use of Anaplan functions in formulas (e.g. SUM, LOOKUP, etc.)

  • Experience troubleshooting Anaplan data import errors and formula syntax errors

  • Self-initiative to search available resources to solve problems 

This stage of the Anaplan training journey is very much reliant on the attendee’s initiative to progress on their own without direction from a trainer; as such our offering is supportive in its design. Attendees will use the scheduled knowledge sharing sessions with our internal trainer to confirm design concepts, troubleshoot issues and discuss any modeling concepts that have been introduced, as well as playback what they have developed for critique. ​

It's worth mentioning that the teaching techniques used during this stage of the training are a departure from the techniques used in Level 1; our enablement team will adopt more of a coaching style approach to the training where the onus is on the attendee’s to complete the exercises under the instruction of the online course materials. Our trainers will then facilitate the progress through the training in the knowledge sharing sessions.


We estimate it should take a highly experienced Anaplanner 5 full days to complete the Level 3 training programme. Therefore, we recommend all attendees have a singular focus on the training for the full duration of the course, otherwise they will not complete the certification in the allotted time-frame. Over the 5 days to complete, attendees will have access to our enablement lead for periods not exceeding 3 days’ worth of time.


Upon completion of the Level 3 training, certified attendee’s will be well on their way to attaining their solution architect certification and one step closer to becoming a Master Anaplanner.

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Classroom - £5,000 per person (plus VAT) for a five-day on-site course

Virtual - £2,000 per person (plus VAT) for a five-day virtual course.

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