Project management, requirements gathering and development of Anaplan projects

At Bedford Consulting our aim is not only to guarantee a successful project implementation in a structured and controlled way but to also prepare our customers to be a well-oiled and fully self-sufficient Anaplanning machine for years to come.

To achieve this, Bedford have adopted the Anaplan Way as a project delivery framework, where the traditionally rigid and unforgiving characteristics of more legacy project delivery techniques such as the Waterfall method are no longer a blocker to success; leading to a far more agile approach to perfectly complement the inherent strength of the solution.

Customers who work with us quickly learn that the Anaplan Way is more than a methodology or framework to implement Anaplan applications; it’s a philosophy and a way of working that is truly transformational.

What is the Anaplan Way?

It is a structured flow of events that enables our customers to successfully navigate the path to success through several different phases and milestones, structured in such a way that if changes arise along the journey you have the capability to adjust to those changes. Unlike a traditional project management methodology, Agile runs iterative cycles or sprints. Anaplan bases the Anaplan Way on an Agile methodology called Scrum.


Throughout all phases of the project there are four cornerstones to the Anaplan Way framework that must be considered and adhered to, it ensures that each phase complements all others, which is a basic requirement to any successful Anaplan model build.


The Anaplan Way cornerstones provide the foundation for an implementation of the Anaplan platform. 


These cornerstones must be planned, executed, and tracked during each phase. They are:

The wider business process that the Anaplan model supports
The design, build, and testing of the Anaplan model
A plan to ensure the Anaplan model and business process is adopted in the organisation
All the data components needed for the model: master, meta, and transactional data

Anaplan is a solution that allows you to build models quickly and iteratively and it is generally not the building of the model that takes the most amount of time during the project, in fact, it’s supporting processes and data. Nevertheless, we should never lose sight of any of the cornerstones during all phases of the project as each should merit a challenge. As a rule, we tend to say if it seems too easy we’ve not considered all our cornerstones.

The phases involved in an implementation of Anaplan
The Agile Way App

Not to be forgotten is the Agile Methodology Anaplan application that has been designed in conjunction with the framework to centralise all aspects of The Anaplan Way right on the platform. It is an essential tool to any Anaplan project, big or small, allowing users to instantly drop into the application, pull up status reports, check on user story details, populate the project calendar or check on the progress of UAT among other activities. No project should be undertaken without it!

If you have any questions around any aspect of our project implementation methodology or would simply like to discuss it in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact us directly, our Customer Success team is more than happy oblige. We are also able to implement projects using the Anaplan Way remotely. We've written a blog outlining some guidelines around this topic here.

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