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Honeycomb Workshop

Our Honeycomb Workshops are designed to introduce our customers to the benefits that can be achieved by connecting people, data and plans across the enterprise. By connecting these elements you will facilitate increasingly informed decisions from trusted sources of information.

We will explore how you currently share information and how the patented technology of Anaplan can bring your departments closer together and expedite the right decisions at the right time.

We will use our honeycomb diagrams to help articulate how use cases interact with each other and share details of how Anaplan can support from Incentive Compensation Planning through to Revenue and Opex Planning.

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Benefits of a Honeycomb Workshop

There are a number of benefits that can be realised from participating in a Honeycomb Workshop. As well as learning how to maximise your use of Anaplan and connect people, data and plans across the business you'll also find that it's a great team-building exercise and helps to remove any barriers you may be facing. We will also spend time exploring the full breadth of Anaplan's capability ensuring you are getting maximum ROI from the platform.

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