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Casella Family Brands on navigating external factors and staying agile

Emerging from the pandemic, the CPG industry will need to focus on agility, innovation and effective collaboration to drive business growth. 

Join Adam Hill, Chief Revenue Officer, Bedford Consulting, who will be exploring this exciting topic with Matthew Shoard, Financial Controller, Casella Family Brands and what they did to navigate not only the pandemic but also Brexit and the Suez Canal blockage to come out stronger.


This webinar explores:

  • The emerging consumer trends

  • Trends that remain true

  • Initiatives to ensure future success

“From Brexit, the pandemic to the recent Suez Canal crisis, agile scenario planning has been key for us. Our lead times mean we can’t afford to make mistakes, or have knee jerk reactions.”


“With a long lead time on our product, our ability to respond is limited but with recent external situations, we’ve been able to quickly model scenarios and react accordingly. To do that in Microsoft Excel would have caused us an awful lot of pain.”


Matthew Shoard, Financial Controller, Casella Family Brands

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