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Throwing out the rulebook.

New consumer trends for CPG and how to respond.

A year ago, companies were preparing for business as usual, and then 2020 happened, bringing with it massive upheaval including extreme uncertainty. CPG companies need to plan for multiple scenarios, ignoring 'baselines' for goal setting and targets.

To become resilient, innovative, and disruptive, CPG companies will need to implement processes and technologies that support enterprise-wide decision-making at all levels.

This paper looks at the emerging trends as well as the seven initiatives required to deliver value including:

  1. Nesting at home and how that will affect many facets of the business

  2. How subscription and convenience shopping will continue to grow

  3. 'Zero resistance' and why it’s important 

CPG Companies can no longer rely on old ways of doing business.

Some companies have realised that a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work.

Business growth is increasingly tied to agility, innovation, and effective collaboration.

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“To deal with sustained uncertainty, companies will need to better manage how they anticipate and plan for fluctuations in demand.”

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