Anaplan for Cash Flow & Liquidity Planning

Using Anaplan for Cash Flow Forecasting provides a fully integrated approach to forecasting accounts receivable and accounts payable balances.

Highly customisable based on your business needs and quick to deploy, Anaplan enables you to unwind your accounts receivable and accounts payable balances, manage your workflow, and understand how specific actions improve your working capital and impact your cash flow. With robust calculation capabilities and in-memory power, you can swiftly import and analyse the entire ledger, allowing you to work at a finer level of granularity, such as by business unit, customer type, or payment method.

Key Features:

Ledger Modelling

  • Quickly update sales & purchases ledgers into your short term cash flow

  • Overlay payment terms to progress or delay invoice payment

  • Review aged creditors/debtors across multiple versions


  • Forecast sales & purchases by customer and supplier

  • Model various payment terms to see the impact on cash

  • Forecast employee costs and utilises furlough schemes where required

  • Quickly model forecast scenarios

Cash Flow

  • Review cash flow by currency to identify currency-specific weakness

  • Model VAT deferral based on HMRC guidelines and quickly compare to base scenario

  • Quickly roll forward to a new 13 wk timescale or create multiple like for like scenarios

Check out our resources below to learn more about how we can support your cash flow & liquidity requirements.

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