Del Monte Case Study
Del Monte aligns supply chain with finance using Anaplan
Use Cases
  • Reconcile complex supply chain processes with finance processes

  • Out-of-date planning tool was slow and expensive—costs were incurred for even simple changes to the blueprint.

  • Multiple sources of data and manually linked planning processes, such as master production scheduling (MPS), material requirement planning (MPR), and customer service allocation report planning (CSAR) led to unreliable planning scenarios.

  • Inability to collect and process information in a timely manner.

  • Transportation and shipment planning manually linked to supply plans.

  • No regular financial integration in S&OP process.

  • Implement an integrated system for budgeting and planning across channels to provide accurate, timely analysis.

  • Incorporate continuous management of changes, issues, and scenarios.

  • Reconcile detailed and granular supply chain plans from procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and product development with finance for budgeting, cost optimisation, and product and customer profitability analysis and allocations.

Results at a Glance
  • Budgeting and planning process time cut from two to three weeks to two to three days.

  • Analysis on-the-fly allows for quick responses to changes in any variable.

  • Integration and collaboration have greatly improved data accuracy across channels, as well as improved reliability and actionability of forecasting and planning.

  • Scenario planning at detailed levels across plans, resulting in added efficiency in plan outputs and maintained profitability across the supply chain.

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