RSA Case Study
RSA Group removes 4 months from its FP&A process
Use Cases
  • Planning and budgeting


  • Workforce planning


  • Zero-based budgeting


  • Activity-based costing

  • Tax modeling

  • Tedious nine-month planning cycle with a spreadsheet-based process


  • Siloed, functional fragmentation across the company


  • Product proliferation at a high cost

  • Issues with data quality; e.g., spending significantly more time cleaning data rather than providing insight to key stakeholders throughout the business

  • Implemented connected planning on the Anaplan platform in just five weeks


  • Rapidly replaced onerous spreadsheet-based processes for financial planning, expense planning, and workforce planning in contact centers

Results at a Glance
  • Reduced complex planning process from nine to five months, with planned reduction to three months • Workforce planning team, experienced a 50 percent improvement in productivity


  • Provided improved decision support to business users


  • Better planning that improves both customer service and financial results


  • Business ownership of connected plans, instead of just finance ownership