Full proof of concept implementations and personalised demonstrations


Bedford has been leading the way in Anaplan software sales since 2011 and we have sold more Anaplan software than any other partner in the UK. Anaplan is the leading EPM software in the UK and has been implemented for connected planning across some of the biggest organisations in the country and Bedford is a core part of the Anaplan offering. Our sales team are some of the most experienced in the industry and we have completed and sold more the 200 projects to date. If you want to understand more about Anaplan, its capabilities and possibilities we’d love to join you in your exploration.

Our success is built on some guiding sales principles:


We are planning experts and as the largest solely Anaplan focused consultancy in the UK we have seen a wide range of Anaplan projects across various use cases from finance/FP&A to demand and supply planning, workforce to sales planning. We get it, and we get what you’re trying to do. We’ve seen similar problems before and we know how to solve them.


Most sales cycles consist of a shiny demonstration with a slick script and defined path. That is not our style. We want you to get under the covers, see the real Anaplan and how it will really work for your organisation. We go off-piste, explore the features that other people won’t. We know Anaplan inside out and backwards and we want you to feel confident in our ability and the products ability to deliver for your needs. We are Anaplan people, and we want you to be too.


The most powerful tool in our sales arsenal is collaboration. We want you to hold the mouse, to build a list, a module, a dashboard. We want you to write your own formula, define your own calculations and build a connected model. We don’t disappear into a dark room and produce proof of concepts, we sit with you and let you build with our guidance. We teach you the basics before you buy the product, we want you to make an informed collaborative decision to purchase. We don’t like surprises and we know you probably don’t either so we want you to fully understand Anaplan before you buy Anaplan.


We have sold more Anaplan software than any other partner in the UK. We have been through the sales cycle many times and want to guide you through with as much ease as possible. We’re experts at legal, security, technical questions and have written many RFPs and Business Cases. We’ll guide you through this process with our unique Anaplan sales checklist.

Sales Cycle
Initial Demonstration
Proof of Concept