Guided Model Build Event: Interactive model building workshop using the Anaplan platform

6th June 2018 | London | 9:00 – 14:00
Anaplan Guided Model Build Workshop
6th June | London | 9:00 – 14:00

Join us for this hands-on, interactive workshop, where you will use Anaplan to build a business planning model from scratch, on your own laptop in just half a day. From the creation of a driver-based sales and headcount plan right through to modelling a multi-dimensional, integrated Income Statement, you'll gain a quick understanding of how easy it is for business modellers to create and maintain multi-version planning models in Anaplan. Additionally, you will create dashboards and define security profiles to manage how users will interact with your new business planning model.


After the workshop we will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to enhance your model for up to four weeks. You can use this to explore the power of 200+ ready-made models available in the App Hub. Or, with the Anaplan skills you gain in the workshop, you can even build a model with your own organisation’s data to show your stakeholders exactly how Anaplan can address your specific challenges and deliver real business benefit.

Anaplan is revolutionising business planning with it's ability to combine flexibility with a robust modelling engine like no other. With business user-created plans and formulas, unlimited scenarios and dimensions Anaplan puts you in control, giving you time to focus on analysing impacts, driving decisions and truly managing the business.

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Wednesday 6th June 2018

9:00 – 14:00

The Office Group - Meeting Room 4

The Bloomsbury Building,

10 Bloomsbury Way,

London, WC1A 2SL


Arrival and Networking Breakfast

Introduction and Demo


Build a Model:​

  • Logging into Anaplan

  • Create a model and set up time and versions

  • Create lists/dimensions

  • Create modules, including calculations

  • Load in data

  • Create a dashboard

  • Scenario analysis

  • Set up security and workflow

  • Optional tasks


Networking Lunch and chance to ask further questions


Event Close







Please note spaces are limited for this event.


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