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Advanced Workshops
Advanced Workshops

Our advanced workshops offering has been developed to give model builders the option to receive advanced targeted tutoring on specific elements of the Anaplan solution by attending one of our collaborative workshops. We recognise that every Anaplan model is different, each introducing its own challenges in terms of the in-house competencies to optimally build what is required for the use case.

By offering a range of workshops in our syllabus focussing on advanced topics, we want to enable our customers even further by giving you the option to learn the skills that are applicable to your Anaplan models.

We recommend that only model builders who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 enrol for these workshops.

Workshops & Schedule:

Workshop 1 through 6 - 1/2 day each

These half-day workshops are run every other week on a rolling basis so that our customers have multiple opportunities to attend a workshop should you miss out due to other commitments.

Below you will see the workshops available and the topics covered in each.

Workshop 1 – Working with lists and formulas:

  • Lists fundamentals

  • Creating & updating lists from imports

  • Managing lists from within Anaplan

    • Updating names, parents, codes and properties

    • Deleting list items

  • Using more complex formulas in Anaplan models.

  • Understanding role-based list access

  • Selective access overview


Workshop 2 – Security & housekeeping:

  • Adding removing users / Creating and assigning Roles

  • Identify which models and workspaces individuals can access.

  • Controlling the data story through role access

  • Selective Access

  • Automating user access

    • Automatically add users to the system through imports

    • Automate permissions updates

  • Maintaining model Contents


Workshop 3 – Managing size, sparsity & performance:

  • What is sparsity

  • Eliminating Sparsity

  • Creating an efficiently calculated model

    • Use of Summaries

    • Writing efficient formulas

    • Simple things to avoid doing


Workshop 4 – Data Integration & ALM:

  • Analysing source data

  • Importing transactional data

  • Creating a Data Hub

  • Using Anaplan connect

  • ALM benefits and understanding the terms used

  • Setting up and syncing Anaplan models with ALM

  • Understanding ALM set and what works for your Anaplan models


Workshop 5 – Filtering, sorting & working with timescales:

  • Creating dynamic filters

  • Filtering based on levels in a hierarchy.

  • Quick filters

  • Using system time modules

  • Working with time ranges

  • Using version system modules

  • Using sort to create cleaner displays


Workshop 6 – Dashboarding & working with Charts:

  • Creating and naming dashboards

  • Adding saved views to dashboards

  • Adding charts and graphs to dashboards

  • Making changes to dashboards

  • Understanding personalised dashboards

Workshop Dates:

All Advanced Workshops will run remotely until further notice.

Note: Dates are subject to change


Remote - £500 per person (plus VAT) 

15th July - Workshop 5