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Level 2 Model Building
Level 2 Model Building

In Level 2 Model Building, you will not only practice the model building skills from the Level 1 Model Building training but also learn more advanced model building procedures and best practices. As such completion of L1 is a prerequisite for starting L2.

You will use the models that you build throughout the training exercises as a basis to complete four exams throughout the training.

The Level 2 Model Building training program is organised into three sprints - like a real-life Anaplan implementation project. Each sprint will focus on the needs of the end-users through the project's user stories.


After completing Level 2 Model Building, you will be able to:

  • Explain the elements of an agile implementation methodology

  • Build a Data Hub model

  • Import data from one model to another

  • Set up import/export processes

  • Design security solutions for end user access

  • Build dynamic charts

  • Describe recommended best practices for using saved views, exports, and filters

  • Explain Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) functionality

  • Describe and use Line Item Subsets

  • Identify when to use numbered lists

  • Explain Version capabilities

Level 2 Model Building: Program Sequence

Each stage consists of 2 days of classroom training, we run one stage per week on a quarterly basis, which allows you to better control the pace at which you complete the training.

Courses Dates:

4th - 5th March - SPRINT 2
31st Mar - 1st Apr - SPRINT 3
6th - 7th May - SPRINT 1
3rd - 4th June - SPRINT 2
30th June - 1st July - SPRINT 3
6th - 7th August - SPRINT 1
2nd - 3rd September - SPRINT 2
29th - 30th September - SPRINT 3
5th - 6th November - SPRINT 1
2nd - 3rd December - SPRINT 2
5th - 6th January 2021 - SPRINT 3

Note: Course dates are subject to change.


£5,000 per person (plus VAT) for a six-day course across three sprints

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