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Level 2 Model Building
Level 2 Model Building - 2 days

In Level 2 Model Building, you will not only practice the model building skills from the Level 1 Model Building training, but also learn more advanced model building procedures and best practices. As such completion of Level 1 is prerequisite for starting Level 2.

You will use the models that you build throughout the training exercises as the basis to complete four exams throughout the training.

The Level 2 Model Building training program is organised into three sprints - like a real-life Anaplan implementation project. Each sprint will focus on the needs of the end-users through the project's user stories.

During this stage of your Anaplan Training, you will spend a lot of your time working through the course work on your own, then using the scheduled knowledge sharing sessions with our internal trainer to confirm design concepts, troubleshoot issues and discuss any modelling concepts that have been introduced. Think of it as a model design session you would find on any of the Anaplan projects you have been involved in.

It's worth mentioning that the teaching techniques used during this stage of the training are a departure from the techniques used in Level 1; our Enablement team will adopt more of a coaching style approach to the training where the onus is on the attendee’s to complete the exercises under the instruction of the online course materials. Our trainers will then facilitate progress through the training in the knowledge sharing sessions.

We estimate it should take a proficient Anaplanner 5 full days to complete their Level 2 training, which includes time to complete the 3 sprint exams and conclusion exam at the end of the course. Therefore we recommend all attendees have a singular focus on the training for the period, otherwise, they will not complete the certification in the allotted time-frame. Over the 5 days to complete, attendees will have access to our Enablement Lead for periods not exceeding 2 days’ worth of time.


After completing Level 2 Model Building, you will be able to:

  • Explain the elements of an agile implementation methodology

  • Build a Data Hub model

  • Import data from one model to another

  • Set up import/export processes

  • Design security solutions for end-user access

  • Build dynamic charts

  • Describe recommended best practices for using saved views, exports, and filters

  • Explain Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) functionality

  • Describe and use Line Item Subsets

  • Identify when to use numbered lists

  • Explain Version capabilities

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Classroom - £5,000 per person (plus VAT) for a five-day on-site course across three sprints.

Virtual - £2,000 per person (plus VAT) for a five-day virtual course.

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